Mellie, I’ve got your back

Tried to watch Scandal last night and ended up reading more of my latest self help book instead while the husband watched.

He asked me questions about the plot and I was rather removed from answering.

Last night’s episode really was painful.

Spoiler alert:

Mellie was having an affair with the VP, because what’s good for the gander…

Then Fitz (the president) found out and threw a conniption — really, Fitz, really?

Mellie has been suffering from Mr. Gigilo’s infidelity for years, having Olivia in their lives daily, and he throws her affair in her face? Pissed me off. Don’t get me wrong, two wrongs don’t make a right, but clearly she was still in pain from his infidelity. And, still suffering from the past wrongs done to her by her FIL (what a soap opera).

Anyway, to make matters even worse, the damn movie trailer for “The Other Woman” came on during the commercials! Sheesh…flashback and pain all within like 20 minutes!

In any event, I hate Olivia Pope — she’s a righteous, pompous piece of shit now and I can’t stand what she represents. Neither can I stand Fitz. He doesn’t have my vote.

Don’t worry, Mellie, I’ve got your back!