I couldn’t have stopped it

Stop, in the name of love

Stop, in the name of love

So, the weekend before last, lying in bed before turning the light out I had one of those friggin’ Oprah “Uh-huh” moments. It hit me right in the face. They don’t happen often and especially since his affair, I can’t remember shit! (Advanced apologies…this will be filled with curse words).

Let me back up a bit.

That day was spent backing up my old phone in preparation of getting the new iPhone (yes, I’m back to an iPhone and it should behave a lot better than the S5).

I had gotten to the realization that the new phone would not be my “Dday” phone, but my Dday+1 year phone. Meaning, I wasn’t going to port over all my old messages to the new phone and still live in the past. Nope, wasn’t going to do it. So, I backed up (in multiple ways, just in case) the messages of denial and then admission and then love and recovery for the past 12 months. There were a lot between my husband and I! Definitely more than what he had texted with EB (Evil Bitch for you new comers).

So, after backing up, I took a stroll down memory lane and read the before Dday texts. I started to place more of my mental timeline together. Things were falling into the cracks and it was making more sense.

Fast forward to bedtime, and it hit me. There wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent him having the affair and fucking her! Yeah…I know, I know!!!! But, here me out.

Case in point, The night before he fucked her, we made love and he gave me a hickey (sorry, TMI, but what the hell…). Yeah, that hadn’t happened in a long time. I don’t recall it (the sex) being extra wonderful, but it was good enough for a hickey. Hell, he could have been imagining her for all I know!

I thought back on other dates and I really think he was so messed up that he was determined to fuck her. Their texting was in a frenzy leading up to that day and at this point, if I showed up naked at his office door, he would have pushed me aside and fucked her instead.

So, that night, lying in bed, I got real quiet. It was an epiphany. He asked what was up and I told him that I realized no matter what, he was going to cheat. I couldn’t have prevented it. I told him that we made love the night before. I was powerless and didn’t even know it.

What did he say? NOT A FUCKING THING. Crickets had more to say than this husband of mine.

In a weird way, it was rather freeing. For 12 months I blamed myself for part of the affair. For being “distant” at times, blah, blah, fucking blah….

Not anymore. His mind and his dick were made up. And it’s ALL on him and not me! Not that part of the relationship. I’ll own my dissatisfaction with the marriage back then, but not his affair.

Anyway, I thought I’d share that fact and see if any of you felt the same way?

The Other Woman

She’s also known to me as “Evil Bitch”

I honestly have never met or spoken to her. Someday I will (threat or promise…either works). Yet, the trauma she has added to my life is massive.

She’s 49 (will be 50 this year). She is petite, dark wavy brown hair, brown eyes. She’s married (happily? He says she is…), has two grown sons (early mid twenties). She likes bike riding (I’ll explain later). She likes to travel. She lives in the bordering state. She and her husband buy homes and flips them.

How do I know all this? Some from my husband, other (her physical appearance) from her Facebook profile photo (yet, it’s a locked account), and others from web searches. I became really good at my own personal investigation.

Her real name begins with a “K” but since that first month of trolling through my mobile phone bill, I figured out you can replace phone #s with names for quick viewing. Her phone number was replaced with EVIL BITCH. It stands out and is easy to spot.

I really don’t think she’s evil, but selfish and deceitful. I can say those things because that is what I was when I had my affair. You are SELFISH and DECEITFUL. Some are other things, too. I’ll reserve my judgement when I meet her.

And, the kicker…amongst all these characteristics, descriptions and opinions…SHE WORKS FOR MY HUSBAND.

Yup, I get to trigger each and every day he goes to work. Each and every time she texts him if she’s late or if he is late, etc. Oh yeah — the fun just keeps happening for the last:

  • 3 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 23 Hours, and 43 Minutes
  • Total Days:117.988194444444
  • Total Weeks:16.8554563492063
  • Total Hours:2831.71666666667
  • Total Minutes:169903
  • Total Seconds:10194180

(I found a great website to obsess with that calculates between dates): http://michaelkappel.com/Dates.aspx

My husband said he’d find a new job, but he loves his job and he’s 50 years old and frankly, economic times are tough for a 50-year-old to find another (this is my inner dialog, not that I really agree with it).

I am not holding my breath. Actually, I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. Perhaps I’ll have a STI? Perhaps she’ll want to get back together with him? Perhaps he will?

I just don’t know. I just don’t know when something bad will happen (who does, I realize this…), but waiting for the next kick in the teeth is not fun. It’s hell.

Have any of your spouses worked with/for/above the OW or OM? What did you do, say? How did you cope? HELP!