How to make the OW quit her job?

That is the question I knock around each day. How to make her (aka EVIL BITCH) quit her job and exit our lives forever?

I know there are laws…but, really, I don’t give a shit about laws at this point (I do…but, I don’t want to!). I would love to cause her so much stress she would want to run for the hills and crawl under a big rock and die. Seriously. I’m not too proud to admit my dream!

I saw some “activity” on the cell phone account today. That always puts me in a state of panic. You see, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Trust isn’t there, yet. So, he called mid-afternoon but I was on a conference call, so I called him back. I realized I was dialing his office # which I hardly ever do – easier to catch him on his cell. Anyway, we caught up on things and I asked if he had a “full house” at work today. He told me no, he did but “she” had to leave to pick up her son and wouldn’t be back. He was very conscious of how he spoke with me, I could tell he was uncomfortable. It was a test. He got a 75, I think.

Sidebar: He was actually in his office, on the office phone so he couldn’t go outside to talk with me, which he does regularly. THAT has been a bone of contention with me, which I express a few weeks ago. I asked why he won’t talk with me while he was in the building. I knew the answer, of course. His version of his truth was: He wants privacy when he speaks with me and he didn’t want me to overhear her voice if she came into his office to speak with him. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to hear her at all, that’s true. But, I said that it hurt me and made me feel undervalued for him to do that. I want him to speak with me in the building and let them all know, especially EVIL BITCH that he has enjoyable, loving conversations with his WIFE! Am I right or am I fucking delusional?

Back to today: She had texted him at lunch today to explain that she wouldn’t be back because she had to pick up her son, who broke down in his car…blah…blah…blah. I read the text when he got home, of course. To me, it was an overdone explanation, like she was trying to pull him back in with personal information. His reply was “Got it” – which was short and hopefully not considered sweet.

I would love some ideas (real or fantasy) to make this happen. Anyone with a law degree? Any advice? Crowdsource problem solving…anyone?

Revenge Text to OW

Just thinking…not sure I will do it, but…

I would LOVE to send a text to the OW (aka, EVIL BITCH), that reads:

Your husband knows

I think that would be a fitting Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you? Of course, her husband, to my knowledge, doesn’t know a thing. But, I’d really like to mess with her mind.

After all, she was texting my husband (and he her) on my anniversary weekend, which she KNEW where we were going and why.

I’m really, really, really tempted…

What do you think?