18 Months

18 months since Dday. 

I don’t check the mobile phone account as obsessively.

I don’t look at her Facebook profile everyday.

I don’t check his browser history like I used to.

That’s progress! Right?

Things are good. Some silly, minor tiffs, but nothing horrible. In fact, we are learning to resolve more quickly.  Yet, we both have been a little moody/bitchy. Probably due to him quitting smoking (grumpy man). Oh, and we are both on a health kick…no bread, no cheese, no pasta, no chocolate. It’s hell…haha. 

He says more heartfelt things. Like the other morning right before dawn, he whispered that I was perfect for him. 

I can’t believe it’s been 18 months.  Honestly, the first 13 months sucked. Not really knowing how things were going to pan out. Still not sure…but, are we ever? 

No. If that is one thing I’ve learned from this shit sandwich is that NOTHING is for sure. Nothing. 

Just today.

Let It Go

We had our big talk last night.

I asked him, pointblank, if he will find another job.

He said no. He loves his job and it’s just a job. Nothing is ever discussed or talked about at work. It’s over. It has been for over a year.

I asked why he won’t. He said he loves his job, it’s convenient, it’s a 4-day work week. He can’t imagine starting over again. Change is hard for him.

I said that I felt he was still working there and not searching for another job, which he said he would (he categorically denies he said it…said he doesn’t remember it), as a form of punishment toward me. He said that was not true. How could I think that?

I said that he hasn’t had to change one bit about his life this past year. I’ve done everything in my power to make him fall in love with me again. Anything we’ve done is because I begged him: reading the books (which I said he still hasn’t finished), going to marriage counseling, etc. He really resented that accusation. How could I say he hasn’t done anything? What he’s done for this marriage?

I then said that I would like to speak to EB. If she is a part of our lives now, at least I should meet her and have a conversation with her. He didn’t like that. He asked how would l feel if he contacted L, my AP? He said it wasn’t a good idea to involve EB. He was pissed.

I let that stew a few moments and then said I wouldn’t contact her (I might, though…we’ll see…).

He said that I’ll never move on. That I’ll always be stuck. He’s afraid to come home most nights, not knowing how things are because I’m so depressed. I responded saying that my heart is broken. I’m not depressed. I’m in pain. I told him that I guess he just doesn’t realize how much I love him and how painful this has been.

I said I was scared. Not knowing what was going to happen to us. I asked him if he was scared, too. He said he was terrified.

I said that I couldn’t believe, he of all people, would do this. He asked what I meant. I said that with his father’s infidelity, then mine, he would do it, knowing the devastation it would cause. He said something like, “Oh, so I’m a horrible person (or something like that).” and I responded that I never suspected. I trusted him completely. And that has been what’s hard to overcome. I said that I didn’t know what I wanted to say or do. I just felt numb. I wasn’t going to cry. I was just a bit dead inside. It was weird. I mentally noted how calm I was.

He apologized again. He said that he was so sorry for doing this to me.

He got up and a few minutes later, sat back down and said that he was sorry that he will never be able to make me happy.

I sat back and took a breath. I then said that I know what I want. I want him, our marriage. He stood back up and went into our bedroom.

I followed, because I wasn’t done with my statement.

I said that because I want our marriage, I realize that I have to let this all go. That I have to forget this all happened and completely move on.

Braver words than what I was feeling. But, I had a moment where I had to decide if I wanted to be right or be happy.

I said that I have swallowed my pride over the last  year, more than he can realize. We exchanged some other things…and he said how much he resented my previous statement that he hasn’t done anything this past year. I apologized and said that was harsh. Yet, I’m scared. I said that I had been working so hard on myself over the past year, physically. Did he notice? He said he did. I then asked if I physically turned him on? He got completely defenseless and said we had to end this conversation. This was going into a direction he didn’t want to go right then. He said we had to stop, take a break. We could continue this conversation later. I knew we wouldn’t. We never do…

We went back down to the living room and finished watching some crap TV and hung out with our oldest son. He then said he was going to bed. I stayed down for a little bit. Just to give him a chance to be alone. I went up to bed and didn’t say a word to him. Nor did he say anything to me. Not even a kiss goodnight. It was a test. We both were testing. I woke up at 2:30 and started reading blogs and just having a hard time getting back to sleep. I finally did around 3:45am. I wanted to cuddle with him, but he was turned the other way. So I laid my hand on his chest and he eventually turned so my hand had to drop.

The alarm went off at 5:45am and he spooned me. It was an olive branch. He said he loved me completely and I hugged him and said that I loved him, too.

He then got up and took a shower. After that he hugged me and said that he loves me and only me. I hugged and kissed him back.

He left for work and texted me when he got there. It was a good text. This is why he does. Takes him a day to respond and to say or text things that moves us forward.

I don’t know, guys. One day at a time. One emotion at a time.

I do know one thing. I choose to be happy. It will take me years to digest the pride I swallowed. Or is it my heart?

Falling Back


Maybe it’s the change in clocks, but I feel as though I’m a bit “stuck” with inner dialog and anger. I’m falling back – doing what I did pre-affair.

Is it normal for recovering from infidelity? Probably. Is it fun? No, it’s not.

I had a bad day yesterday. It was Tuesday. I woke up at 4am and my mind started the replay. EB was off all last week and I was able to breathe. Yesterday, I felt the breath leave me. I hugged him when he left for work and just said, “I hate Tuesdays.” He gruffly said, “I know.”

I was in a funk all day because of it. I went into my office and brought home three boxes of crap, as we are cleaning out and preparing for the big office move. Even with all that going on, I was still preoccupied – distracted – disconnected.

Question to the BS’s out there…how long did it take for you to start having “back talk” in your mind and noticing those small things that annoy you about your spouse?

This has just started for me. I used to have it pre-affair. Twenty three years married of “little things” and grumbling under my breath at things he would do or say. I’m worried. I don’t like it.

After the affair, those little annoyances didn’t bother me. In some f’ed up way, they were endearing. I was just so happy to be together.

Now, I’m not so sure. Perhaps I’m finally out of the BS fog. You know, the honeymoon sex, the “he walks on water” and “isn’t he so hot?”  I’m not happy about it. The BS fog was nicer. It formed a bubble/cocoon that prevented the shit from becoming real.

But, what’s really bothering me is that I’m feeling a bit stuck for not knowing what he’s going to do about a new job. He keeps surfing next vacations, stupid sports scores, but not even a hint at looking for another job.

He’s smoking again, too — has been since the summer. He smoked last year and on 10/17, I threw out his pack of cigarettes, out the truck window. He quit cold turkey then. Weird how I remember all the specific dates of things that week. But, I’m sure we all do to some extent…

Guess who also smokes? Yup, Ms. Evil Bitch. Oh, but “they don’t usually smoke alone.” Another person “almost always joins them.”

I resent both of these things: no new job and smoking.

I think that’s part of my pent-up anger and it’s going to boil over soon.

I’m scared, guys. I’m scared that he won’t find another job and that will be it for us. I think I’ve swallowed enough pride and paid my dues from my past sins. At least, I think I have. He must still be punishing me. I just can’t imagine what his motive(s) are if he isn’t.

We are getting the remodeling done. Final things selected and it should be full remodel mode by early December. All I am thinking lately is…well, it will be good for resale because I don’t know if we’ll be here much longer.


Didn’t think my heart could break anymore. I was wrong. It just keeps breaking a little each and every day.

Figuring Out Forgiveness

Kelly’s post about forgiveness really made me think. Understanding that there are levels to it, verging from acceptance to outright blind faith forgiveness makes it easier for me to digest.

I was ready to tell my husband that I was on the verge of forgiveness this past Saturday. I really was…even before I read Kelly’s post and learned it was National Forgiveness Day (wonder which cheating congressman asked for that national day?).

We had a discussion about his week at work and he asked if talking about “her” upset me. I told him that I needed him to speak about her. It helped me. So, he did, telling me that she’s on vacation this coming week. She wanted to work on a Monday (the company is closed on Mondays) to get a jump on the holiday orders. He told her that wasn’t going to happen (meaning, they would be alone and that wasn’t ever going to happen). I then asked if she was moving to Florida, yet. (I wasn’t being very careful because I let that slip. I know she’s got a beach house she just bought down there – FB is soooo informative). He said no, not that he was aware of. I’m sure it pissed him off. I could tell. Anyway, we got home and from that point on, I was in an obvious “funk”. Not really meaning to be, but I realized something and was processing it in my mind, having my own internal dialog.

So, I went for a long walk and just went about my day, but withdrawn. He noticed and when we were getting ready to attend a wake, he flared up at me because I was “having a bad day, now he was having one.” Whatever, cheater boy…whatever. I told him that it wasn’t my fault. None of it was. And I left it at that.

In the car I said, “I honestly don’t know what to say.” He asked what I meant and I said that it’s been a year and we’ve come so far but he hasn’t gotten a new job. He said, “No, I haven’t.” and with that lovely volley, I just clammed up, waiting for him to do the right thing. The ball was in his court, after all.

We went to the wake and paid our respects. We came home and pretty much, avoided each other until he asked if I wanted to go to the movies.

So, we did. We saw “The Judge” and it was pretty good. When we went to bed and I asked him if he was happy. He responded, “Of course, I’m happy. Why wouldn’t I be?”


I held my tongue and then asked him what he wanted from this marriage? What did he need? He was reading his book (no, he hasn’t finished “Just Friends” – doubt he ever will.) and said that he would like some time to answer that question.

Yeah…awesome. You do that. Take all the time you need to answer the most important fucking question of our lives. It’s okay. I’ll just be over here, on the left side of the bed waiting for the rest of my pathetic life.

We woke up the next day feeling better. Not sure why, but we did. I decided to make breakfast. He decided to seduce me. Hey, I have needs to…why not?

Anyway, it was a better day. But, I didn’t mention my question. I just let lying dogs lie (hmmm….interesting choice of phrase there…).

But, what I realized was what I was ready to forgive and what I wasn’t. I can forgive his weakness. I can even forgive his affair (after all, he “forgave” me for mine…or did he?) But, I can’t forgive that he hasn’t left his job. I can’t forgive that he hasn’t even looked for another job. In many ways, that is more hurtful. That is the ultimate, “FUCK YOU” and guess what? I’m not okay with that.

Have I told him this? No, not yet. You know why? Because it’s ALWAYS ME that broaches the difficult subjects, that asks the tough, messy questions, that always says “I’m sorry” first. I’m hurt. Rather, I’m heartbroken.

Figuring out forgiveness is really tricky. It takes time. Each person decides what they will or won’t forgive. We’re all different. I just know I don’t want want to hurt anymore.

What we are willing to do…

Well, girlfriends, a lot has gone down in the past few days since my Q&A the other night.

Since last Thursday night, things were okay with us. Just okay. Saturday morning, I was contemplating something. I took a shower, my husband was waiting on the bed when I got out and I asked him if we could go to his office. He wanted to know why. I told him that I wanted to see everything, visualize where he worked and be “with” him to eradicate every living memory of her.

His response (like it will be a shock to all of you)? He didn’t think it would be a good idea. That I will start to doubt more about him and it will put us right back to square one and undo all our healing so far. He then said, “But, if you think it will help you, I’ll do it. I just don’t think it will.”

I finished getting dressed and as I was putting on my make-up, I thought twice. I had doubt. I was scared. I went to him and said that I changed my mind. Clearly, he wasn’t okay with it and let’s just forget about it. He said, “Oh no, you want to do it. If we don’t, you’ll never believe me. We are going! But, I think all you want to do is humiliate me more.” I stopped him, and said, “Let me be clear of my intentions. It is not to humiliate you. If I wanted to do that, I would have walked into your office on 10/15/13 and pulled every fucking hair out of her head in front of everyone and then I would have divorced your ass! What I wanted to do is replace every sexual memory of her. I need to do that. I need to be the only woman you think of and desire.” I basically wanted to fuck his brains out all over that damn place. And go outside, in the back of his building where this is a lake with a water fall and do it there, too (because that is where they first kissed/touched each other – isn’t that fucking romantic?). He didn’t get it. He didn’t understand.

That set him off a bit. He still debated and said that it’s not a good idea. He said it’s going to become a tit for tat. I said that I believe he is still punishing me for my past and that his “CHOICE” to remain at that job is his way of doing it. I was crying at this point. I continued to said that I will regret my affair for the rest of my life. He then asked me if I loved him (my AP). I said I thought I did. He said, “Well, I didn’t – it was just sex. Yet, you will never believe me.” He then asked me how many times did I have sex with my AP. My reply was, “More than I can remember.” (I seriously can’t remember, it was over almost 2 years long affair with trips to the UK and his to the US. We saw each other on probably 8 occasions, total during that time. Anyway, I digress). He then said, “Once for me. Just once!” I then challenged and asked, “But how many times were you intimate with her? Touching with your mouth and hers?” He said, “Dozens!” [OUCH] He recognized that intercourse vs. intimacy is different for both men and women. He said that he read that in “my” book. [Again, another zinger about my request for him to read a fucking book!].

I said again that I was shocked at his perception of our marriage last year and how it was completely opposite of mine. I said that I knew we were in a rut and that we weren’t communicating. Our sex life sucked. But, I never contemplated divorce. I said back to him that in my mind, he had an affair as a way out of the marriage, that I would want a divorce and I think that’s what he wanted. He said I was wrong but, I’ll never believe him so what does it matter?

I cried some more and composed myself. He wasn’t consoling me at all. He was deflecting and being defensive. I turned around and said that I didn’t want to go, not now, not like this. Instead, we went to do some shopping.

I just flipped a switch in my brain. I saw where this would go. My demands, his retreat and our eventual demise. 

On the way back, I made him turn into the park right before our street and stop the car. This is the same park where I read his text of admission on 10/14/13 and where I tried calling him. Fond memories…how apropos, right?

I turned to him and said, “Look, I’m willing to forget last year and move passed it. I’m willing to start fresh and anew for our marriage. What are you will to do for our marriage?

He was a bit dumbfounded for a second, and in exasperation he said, “Well, I guess I’m going to have to find another job. It’s what you want me to do so that’s what I have to do, I guess.” I didn’t say anything. I let that statement hang in the air. He immediately pulled the car out and we went home.

I got out of the car and put on a brave face. The switch had to be flipped. I had to start that day. I knew it. I felt it.

A little later I hugged him and said softly that I didn’t really want him to find a new job. I know how much he loves his job. He replied softly in my ear, “Liar. Of course you want me to get a new job.” It was endearing and meant without anger or malice. It was a turning point. I don’t know if he was/is serious about finding another job. I hope so. And I guess that’s the real key word here: HOPE

I hope…

Bad dreams

Just writing this down before i forget them…

For the past two nights, I’ve had some bad dreams, which is rare. I usually sleep well and really don’t remember my dreams.

The first night, I dreamt that I was a divorced and how I really couldn’t believe my life. I was so sad and devastated. I was single and miserable. I actually felt my chest tighten and throat close up. It felt so real that I woke up, feeling those physical traits. It was horrible.

Last night (or rather, this morning), I dreamt that I yelled at my husband. I can visualize the dream, but can’t describe the setting. However, the yelling I do remember! He said something (stupid, I presume) and I lashed out and said, “Well, you slept with her and still work with the whore! Of course I’m not over it!!!”

I guess I have some unresolved issues, huh? Ha!

Yeah, good fucking morning, people…

Just realized that I didn’t change the channel…

For the first time, hearing about some famous person’s infidelity on TV would make me turn the channel or leave the room. I couldn’t hear it. I would get upset.

Tonight, on some stupid news program they talked about Beyoncé and JayZ’s marriage. I half listened and frankly think it’s a bunch of b.s. but still sad if true.

I didn’t change the channel. I just realized it (well, like 15 minutes ago).

Am I healing or just numb?

Or both?

Weird, right? 

What has changed for you that surprised you?

A Grilling or Trickling?





Weird title, I know. But, here’s my question to the cheaters and the betrayeds:

Would you want to grill your spouse for a day/night and just hash out all the shit, the tension, the “I’m too scared to ask / I’m to scared to answer” questions or would you rather live with trickling truth?

I’m getting to the point that I want to baby step toward forgiveness, but I still have some questions that, at this point in my “recovery” I believe important. In the scheme of things, they probably aren’t, but now they are. It’s almost a hurdle I have to jump over to get “there”.

Here’s my thinking. There have been times when J has thrown my past in my face as a deflection or just to hurt me. I know he still harbors hurt from my infidelity. Of course he does! But, he says he’s moved on. I don’t believe him. I think he has “moved on” in order for me to mirror him and not put him on the hot seat. Self-preservation tactic.

I would like to schedule a night away at a hotel, order enough rum and wine and just have at it. Get it out, off our chests, in our faces and just answer the damn questions or respond to accusations. Settle the multiple scores.

I feel it’s still a festering wound and this shit will eventually come to the surface, but not in the best or most prepared way.

What do you think? Have you done it? (Besides the midnight – 4am grillings we all have been through). What has your experience been? Either way. Thanks! xxoo