8 thoughts on “Ten Stages Of Grieving

  1. I like a lot of this. But. Ummm. Revenge sex??? No. I don’t get that. I know it happens but I wouldn’t say it is common. And reaching 9 and 10? Not everyone does. Some of us seem stuck in the grief cycle of complicated grief, despite desperately trying to avoid it. Grief is rarely this ‘neat’ following a timeline. However, it’s good to know that the foreign feelings are to be expected, normal, if you will, eh tempted? Hope you’re enjoying a happy family time leading up to the silly season 🎄

    • I know! The revenge sex one I can’t relate to but maybe my H can (14 years later)!

      Forgiveness can fuck off 🖕

      Otherwise doing okay. Hosted 30 people for Thanksgiving and I was exhausted for days. But, it was a good holiday. No drama (Ms. Blige). Yes, the silly season in NY is special. Hope to post photos of the lovely city in a few weeks 🎄✨☃🗽. Hope you are doing well, dear Paula xx

      • Very much so, prayingwife. But then there is complicated grief. Where there is little or no ‘progression.’ After almost seven years I am not healed and I know I never will be now. Not on the way one envisages. I accept this. My background, personality and the length and type of affair, put some complicating factors into my personal equation.

  2. My experience with the stages of grief close to 20 months post D-Day are that rather than being linear, they are more like infinity loops. The first four stages I experienced almost simultaneously, at varying degrees, over and over and over again. And some of them I am still experiencing, albeit with lesser intensity. I, too, can’t imagine the revenge sex – last thing I considered – thanks for sharing this.

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