Happy Anniversary (Blog) to Moi!

One year ago, people — one year ago I decided to write about the shit my life was in! In many ways, it helped keep my sane. In other ways, I questioned it!

It honestly seems longer than one year. I am happy I wrote down “my calendar of emotions!” I really am. It helps me remember key points and turning points in my life. I have a habit of forgetting some of those (self-preservation? damn straight), so the chronicle of the events help.

Quick life update: another 2+ weeks in my cast to go. I am seriously going stir crazy! Remodel project is more than half way through! I’ll post photos soon, I promise! Marriage is going well. There are dry spells in communication, but I’m chalking it up to stress of life (broken ankle, loss of job and remodel). When I would get too “into my head” I would get up and go for a fast walk to work it out of my system. I can’t do that and it’s definitely affecting me! Yesterday, I was a bit blue. J sensed it and asked what was wrong, but I didn’t want to get into anything. I just didn’t have the energy. I can’t wait to get this friggin cast off! Today, I woke up in a better mood.

I promise it does get better. Whatever the decision you’ve made (flight or fight / stay or go), it HAS to get better!

I hope 2015 is awesome for not only me, but YOU, too!


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (Blog) to Moi!

  1. Been happy to walk along this crazy path side by side with you Tempted. Here’s to mended bones, mended hearts, mended homes and new opportunities! Bon anniversaire mon ami x

  2. brokenjoan says:

    Even though I like what you said, flight or fight, stay or go, I think I’m past the point of thinking it is going to get better! And I’m really not being pessimistic, I have just learned to accept my life the way it is now, nothing will ever be the same, I will always look at my husband in a different way & I will never be the trusting person I was before & even though that may sound sad & counter productive to this thing called healing, “it is what it is”& I’m so tired of trying to change that! I’ve tried for 2 years to understand something, that truthfully I will never understand, so I’m just tired, I’m getting off the treadmill it was going nowhere & neither was I. I’ve always been the kind of gal that accepted my life & didn’t fight it, just went with it & was basically a happy person, in other words I made the best of what was handed me, well that’s where I have gone wrong these last 2 years, I’ve found out there is no best to what has been handed me, but I have tried to fight it & that isn’t working, so that’s where the acceptance came in, this is hands down the worse thing I’ve ever been handed, but I accept it, why, because I have no choice

    • Joan, NEVER apologize for expressing yourself! Totally understand! I agree about being the worst thing that’s happened to me, too. The one thing that is slightly positive in my situation is that he and I BOTH did something horrible to the other. In some ways we are now “even” where for a very long time, I was the horrible person. It just cleans the slate so if we are smart, we can rebuild this marriage on equal footing and a lot smarter. Let’s hope!

      I think a level of acceptance could bring a person some peace over time. At least, I hope that for you, Joan. You deserve some peace and happiness! xxoo

  3. brokenjoan says:

    Tempted, sorry for the long winded reply, but you know how it is sometimes you just need to be heard! Hope you are healing nicely & will soon be out and less stressed! A big hug from Joan

  4. “Happy Anniversary Bitches!!” Crazy Kelly screams spraying champagne all over the room.

    Seriously though? Thank you my sweet friend for always having my back as we limped down this road 🙂 You are invited to my island (or farm) of crazy anytime.

    I am so grateful that if I had to be cheated on? Have a mental breakdown? Watch my life fall apart? I got to do it with you all….

    Get well soon !!!

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