The Color Purple

So, my holidays were nice. My birthday was a few days before Christmas and I received from J a gorgeous diamond heart pendant necklace and heart lock and key charm for my silver bracelet. But, the best part of the gift was my birthday card from him where he really expressed some wonderful feelings and love. THAT was THE gift, in my eyes. Oh, I love the jewelry, don’t get me wrong 😉

We both had two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s and were planning on really getting the house prepped for the big kitchen and bath remodel (slated to start on January 2nd). Well, those best laid plans really got screwed when I missed one step and broke my ankle!

Yup, I broke it and have been lying with my leg up and iced for over a week and going absolutely ape-shit crazy!

I have a lovely cast on and it’s PURPLE. I find out tomorrow with a second set of X-rays if I require surgery or not. Fingers crossed!

And typical, when it rains it pours, the remodeling/demo started last Friday and my house is a fucking war zone! Can’t cook, can’t move, sneezing from all the dust, house freezing because of all the demo, head pounding due to all the pounding but, but, but… It’s pretty awesome at the same time. Just to see my vision start to take shape into some reality (one expensive mother f’ing reality!).

I just have to LET IT GO…let the mess go, let my hair go, let me without make-up go, let me in yoga pants each and every day go, let the stress goooooooooooo!

So, how do I fill my days? Well, I read, I work (thank goodness for telecommuting and laptops), and I direct from the sofa or my bed. My house is filled with more men than I would EVER want. My family + 3–6 contractors. Yeah, lots of compassion for me (oh the little lady has a bum ankle…etc., etc.) and I’m milking every moment of it!

I still read some of the blogs and feel for each and every one of the new member’s anguish, their dealing with the holidays and all that pain brings.

So, you’ll ask how am “I” doing? The answer:  actually okay!

I just don’t have time to obsess over his infidelity much. I just don’t give a shit about Evil Bitch. Do I still wish her warts, hair loss, weight gain and her teeth to fall out? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! But, it’s not on the front burner of my mindset these days. Hasn’t been for awhile.

How has my husband been you ask? WONDERFUL. He has taken care of me like a knight/superman. He’s back at work and still takes care of me at night. Poor guy! But, I figure I’m worth it 😉

So, folks, I’m doing okay despite all the craziness of my current life!

But, I do think about all of you, my friends here and hope you are all doing well!? For those that don’t post as much, I catch up with your comments when I can. For the new ladies to this shitty sisterhood, I have some hopes for you in this new year:

  • Patience
  • Self-love
  • Self-confidence
  • Respect
  • and most importantly…TRUST



14 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. We went thru a major renovation 9 years ago… Hellish times! So sorry to hear about your broken ankle. Good vibes to you to ward off surgery xo

  2. brokenjoan says:

    Oh my gosh Tempted so sorry to hear this, I was just wondering why we hadn’t heard from you in awhile, I thought either things are really good or really bad! But considering what you’ve gone through since Dday, I know you can handle the minor inconvenience of a broken bone & renovation!!! LOL. I wish you speedy recovery & no surgery, keep us posted! Hugs from Joan

  3. Good luck with the ankle and the remodeling. We have been renovating our house for 18 years. Last project completed one month before dday. The house was boarded up when we purchased it! It’s weird now that we have no projects going on. No distractions from the insanity. Maybe I should remodel something… time to start over.

  4. UGH… what a crappy way to ring in the New Year but at least you get to stay home and watch the devastation that is your house LOL!! Pleased to hear that you are doing well, me too. Plodding along as you do… well not you, you’re more like hobbling along but you get my drift. Finally have a guest free/child free house so will be sitting down to write my first post of the year tomorrow. Yikes!!

    Here’s to a speedy recovery xx

  5. julesedison says:

    So sorry to hear about your ankle, but really happy for you that your marriage is going well. Always nice to hear. Keep loving each other!

  6. DJ says:

    Oh my – the same thing happened to me in October! I broke my ankle and tore two tendons in my hand. Not fun. I am now in physical therapy and working to get back into shape. I lost a lot of the flexibility I am known for in martial arts. I still cannot use a pen or pencil so I’ve had to learn to write with the other hand. Typing on a keyboard is ok but a little slow. It will come back in time. Hope it goes well for you! Hang in there!

  7. Oh my!!!! What a set of circumstances! Hope you don’t need surgery and hope you recover swiftly. Your advice to yourself is spot-on – keep calm, let it go!!! Headphones and an eye mask might help lol! Thanks for your upbeat comments even in the midst of all this and great to hear that your marriage is recovering. Love to you both. Your comments about still wishing the OW warts, hair loss etc. made me chuckle. Thanks for all your well wishes.

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