Is It Okay to Hate the Other Woman?

Is it okay to feel hate for the other woman?

Is it okay to verbalize your hate of the other woman?

Is it okay to verbalize your hate of the other woman to your husband with vehemence?




And my husband can go fuck himself if he doesn’t like it!

And for those who are asking themselves how I can possibly throw stones, I can, aimed directly at me. The fact is I hope my AP’s wife hates me. I fucking deserve it! I knowingly entered into an affair with a married man. I didn’t care about his wife. I only cared about ME. It was wrong and this is my penance, I suppose.

Anyway, I still hate Evil Bitch and I hope she gets hers really soon.

Thank you, this was a public service announcement.


30 thoughts on “Is It Okay to Hate the Other Woman?

  1. Yell it out!

    I don’t envy anyone on this path, but you, I would feel so pissed at myself, even more pissed than I already do for trusting both of those fuckers! To keep beating myself up, ugh. I do enough of that already. Did you feel like this about yourself before you were betrayed, or is it so much worse now? Hug tempted, you deserve it.

  2. I did feel like this to some degree before but exponentially more since his betrayal. I knew what I was doing (to some extent). The woman didn’t deserve another woman getting involved with her husband.

    I hate her because HE DOESN’T hate her. I hate her because she still works with my husband. I hate her because she came back to work and had the balls to ask how my husband’s weekend was today!

    • I hare her because she has never had the grace or dignity to even acknowledge that she exploded my life, and our kids’ lives. I hate that she blames me and bad mouths me. I hate that that smug, disease infested whore has a life and doesn’t give a fuck about the agony and emotional chaos she caused.

      • I hear you. God, I just don’t know how I could handle any of this if my kids knew. You are so damn strong, Paula.

        I hate her because her husband has no fucking idea that his wife is a whore. I hate her because I had to go get tested for EVERYTHING because my husband fucked her, he went down on her and she blew him. I hate her for existing.

        I hate her because she KNOWS just how horrible this is for another woman. A woman knows. It’s a matter of fact. She knew and knows.

  3. A Good Wife says:

    “I hate her because HE DOESN’T hate her.” I totally get this statement. I wonder if this is a woman thing.

  4. I hate living with the amount of hate I now have inside me. I think people say I hate the color orange. Or I hate this or that.. I dont think you know true hate until it lives inside you and coarses thru your veins..I hate the whore who wanted my life or the fact that my hubby was stupid and lame enough to fall for it. Ugh… Ive never hated anyone or anything as much as I HATE that bitch.

  5. bamboozled1 says:

    if you didnt there would be something wrong with you!!! i never really hated her, most of all i hated what she represented in my life… i do think shes a nasty vindictive c*** (i had never used that word in my life until she came along) i think shes a stupid little girl desperate for someone to love her… i think a lot of things about her… but i think you can look down on someone like that without hating them… i dont know, i could be wrong, but hate is a shitty thing to carry. so i refuse to call it that.

    i kinda get why they dont/cant hate her… well, maybe im just making things up yet again, but i think its to do with their own part… i wonder if they feel too guilty to hate them? too caught up in their own self hate… it would be pretty shit to use someone like that and then turn, despite them having done it to us… but maybe they just dont feel like they have the right to? he says he hates his association with her, but as for her as a person, hes just trying to wipe it out. and any feeling whatsoever is keeping the past alive. its almost like he views her, as something he did (lol) rather than a person he did something to. does that make sense?

    having said all that, having to deal with her on an ongoing basis… yep, i would hate that.

      • Paul took a couple of months to hate her and I still wonder if that’s too little too late. Yes he hates himself and therefore felt he should raise that every time he expressed anger at her. To me they did very different things. She planned it out and executed a sociopathic plan to break up a family with a newborn. He was stupid and had no boundaries or loyalty. Both horrible, but different. So no, he’s not “like” her. He’s better for not planning it and being remorseful and he’s worse for lacking loyalty. I can imagine redemption for him but not for her (mainly due to her lack of remorse). But at the end of the day if he didn’t hate her I would be out the door. Not just because it’s zero sum and any respect for her takes away from me (it’s like respecting someone who killed your loved ones, no one does that), but also it would show he *still* had no judgement. Sure some men pretend to hate the OW, but I think actions over 3 years are fairly good proof. I really truly doubt I could stay if he didn’t hate her. I haven’t said that to him but it’s true.

  6. After awhile that kind of hate started to eat away at me. But at the time, boy did it feel good to lash out at my husband and rage about his whore. I hope you get it out of your system soon so that you don’t become like me – stuck in misery with no idea how to climb out.

  7. I wish I could be just a little more like you and drop the rational side and hate ‘the other women’ although in my case I would have to hate too many ‘others’ to keep track and my husband went out of his way to hide our marriage so I am not sure I can really be mad at her/them but it sure would make me feel better for the moment.

  8. Lilac80s says:

    You’re a human so off course it’s normal to hate someone who hurt you deeply. From many OW blogs that i’ve read, their defense tactic really doesn’t make sense. They said wife shouldn’t hate them because it’s the husband who broke the vow, that’s right but they are the getaway car, they are the partner and consciously made the decision to entered the relationship with married man

    Erica,also pretended to be my friend beside fucking my husband. She and her husband even helped me when we bought our new house. I don’t know WTF was she thinking, maybe she enjoyed stabbing a knife while smiling to my face.
    I hated her for and wanted to go all Lannister on her ass, she even said to my face she doesn’t regret sleeping with Craig. But when karma bus hit her i started to feel pity. She quit her job without recs, no husband, no Craig and from what i heard she won’t get much from her divorce. Maybe it’s evil, but sorry that i’m not sorry for her
    I just hope whatever feelings i have to her will turn to indifferent soon

    • I love what you said here. I have had several people ask me why I was just as mad at her as I was with my husband. Of course I hate her just as much! It’s because of her my whole life was taken away. She knew he was married and she did it anyway.

      Karma hasn’t caught up with either of them yet but, I try and hold onto hope that one day it will. If it ever does, I won’t have any pity for them either.

  9. I am guessing that through my other blog the OW got hers a day or two ago when I posted my other blog on FB with all of the vague things that she will totally get…..can you see me smiling?????

  10. Forever Changed Now says:

    More than okay. She’s a whore that tried to steal our life, knowing that we and our children that could be destroyed by this. By all means, hate her.

  11. Hell yes I hate her. I’d love to kick her ass. I’ve never met her in person, only by text messages than spaned two days. And I only did that to compare stories.

    Glad her karma bus showed up and she got fired.

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