Marital infidelity and a shot of espresso…REALLY???

Coffee Clutch and Affair — Interesting observation.

Culture Monk

polar plunge 9

By Kenneth Justice

That’s the woman you’re sleeping with???” I asked

~ A coffee house acquaintance of mine is having an affair with a married woman. Initially he didn’t tell me that the woman was married, “Kenneth, I met this incredibly awesome woman and the chemistry between the two of us is electric!” he told me a long time ago. But whenever I’d ask for more details about this ‘incredibly awesome’ woman he would grow silent and give me vague answers.

It wasn’t until he was sitting with me one morning and an older woman sat down with us…..a much older woman. My acquaintance is a bit older than me (he’s in his early forties) and the woman who sat down with us was pushing 70.

Kenneth I’d like you to meet L——” my acquaintance said, “she plays the violin…

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