I live for the weekends + Mondays

It’s when my husband doesn’t have to work. His company works Tuesday-Friday.

It’s also because he’s home with me and not at work with HER (aka EVIL BITCH).

It’s when we heal more and move closer to fine (great song, btw).

It’s when we sometimes forget all the pain since October.

It’s when we plan date nights, make love more and enjoy each other.

Things are going well right now, but when the clock turns around 4am on Monday mornings, I wake up with dread and fear. I start the obsession again to check on his phone records and his schedule.

I hate how I act and feel Tuesday through Friday.

I hate Tuesdays.

I hate Wednesdays

I hate Thursdays

I hate Fridays up until 5:30pm

I hate HER…the EVIL BITCH.

15 thoughts on “I live for the weekends + Mondays

  1. I’m exactly the same… I feel so much better when he isn’t at work. He doesn’t have to be with me, but just not there, at the office, where she is. Altho I’m not that great when he’s away on business either, even tho she isn’t with him, because the sexual part of the affair occurred when he was away on business.

    I hate the pit faced whore too!

    • *high five*

      Seriously, she may be a good person but she’s still an EVIL BITCH for being 50% of an affair.

      I’m waiting on my blood results and if there is one little thing wrong (as in an STI), all hell’s gonna break loose!

      I also know that the more jealous I act, the more I alienate him, so I’m trying to balance everything.

      The other morning, I had a triggered moment. I kept thinking “she’s thinner than me, I’m physically inferior to her, they had great sex, how can he be attracted to me…”

      He was great…he came over and hugged me and asked what was wrong, being patient, but not letting me off the hook with keeping it inside. It worked. It helped me. We TALKED (ALL POINTS BULLETIN!!!) I told him exactly what I was thinking. He didn’t deny anything but he did tell me I was his only one and that he loved only me, etc.

      But, I still hate the fucking bitch. Always will.

  2. It’s not right they still work together. I endured it for 6 months. No more. It’s bad enough she’s in the same city and turns up at seminars. I hope you don’t have that pain much longer.

    • Thanks, I hope so, too. That’s one of the reasons I want to send that text. I hope to scare her enough to quit her job. A little pressure and fear…that’s what I was thinking in my head. I’m sure it would backfire on me and make my husband furious with me. But, I was going to deny it and say it wasn’t me who sent it (i’d get one of those track phones or something like cheaters do)

      RIght now, he can’t leave unless he has another job. I think it will get to the point where he’ll either find another job or she will. But, it has to happen. I can’t live with the possibility.

      • It’s not just that the affair might continue. Paul hates her so that won’t happen. Its that I have to keep being reminded and she has a workplace to play games. Argyrodes tried to accuse him bullying because he didn’t invite her to things. Luckily since she no longer works there he’s no longer obliged to and she can’t really complain. Not that she didn’t try.

        I doubt that you can scare her to leave. And I don’t think a disposable phone helps you that much. She will know its you and he’ll believe her. You need him to buy in. If he’s looking for another job he should understand you need for catharsis at her.

      • I know you are right. It’s just the jealous juvenile in me that wants to affect change in the lowest possible way. My hate is that strong. Yet, I know it would bite me in the ass and he would defend her and only be furious with me.

        Btw, love your name for her 😉 Genius.

        As well as your name, for that matter! 😉

      • Yeah well she’s a kleptoparasitic spider, what can I say? 🙂

        It’s worth trying to get his buy in if you can. When Paul saw through her suddenly he dumped her cold and then over the next year he saw her behaviour and lack of shame for what it was. One good thing about her being around then was actually that she hung her own reputation and I didn’t have to even point it out. He saw how inappropriate she was. But he had to see through her first. I’ve concluded most men are a bit slow on that front.

        Really recommend Not Just Friends by Shirley Glass. Paul read it and was agog. “What I thought was special is just like every other sordid affair”. He pretty much saw through her as a direct result of that book. I owe the person who gave it to me.

      • I did read that book – it is excellent! I think I have a slightly different situation. He pursued her and she broke it off with him. I don’t know if her behavior is negative toward him. I believe not. She’s just all business now.

        But, the green-eyed monster is still alive and well. I have another idea to visit my husband “unannounced” one day to look her in the eye (evil eye) and let her know 1) he’s mine 2) I don’t like her 3) I know where she and her HUSBAND live

        Best case scenario: husband LOOKS and then FINDS another job SOON. or she quits.

  3. My husband’s whore broke it off with him too… well the sex part anyway, she then told him she liked the friendship they had and wanted to continue that so they spent the next 12 months texting each other constantly. I too long to go meet him for lunch and look that whore in the eye. She’s too fucking chicken to call me back, the whore. I know that our paths will cross at some point and when they do I hope her husband isn’t with her because I’m not sure I could contain myself!

    I hope she finds a new job… maybe inAlaska 😉 or that my husband does, because I HATE the fact that he still see’s her. It kills me 😦

    • Someday, right? Someday — that’s what I’m praying for:

      Someday they (the EBs/PFHs) drop off the face of the earth.

      Someday my husband changes jobs.

      Someday my husband never ever thinks about her in any way, professional or personal…nothing…zippo…nada

      Someday I won’t hurt so much.

      Someday I will forgive him enough not to hurt so much.

  4. SHE also works at my husband’s company. He is away 4 days a week and is in office once a week. I too HATE that day. One good days I tell myself that if he wants to still be with her it is out of my control…on bad days I get an overwhelming wave of insecurity and wonder if they are back together behind my back. Sadly he is also away from my kids and me during those 4 days too…sucks. She is supposed to be leaving soon to go and be a full time Mommy. we shall see. Someday we will be in a better place…someday she will be completely DEAD to us…someday we will be stronger…and my flame will be strong again. We and I are hopefully on our way there.

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