The Other Woman

She’s also known to me as “Evil Bitch”

I honestly have never met or spoken to her. Someday I will (threat or promise…either works). Yet, the trauma she has added to my life is massive.

She’s 49 (will be 50 this year). She is petite, dark wavy brown hair, brown eyes. She’s married (happily? He says she is…), has two grown sons (early mid twenties). She likes bike riding (I’ll explain later). She likes to travel. She lives in the bordering state. She and her husband buy homes and flips them.

How do I know all this? Some from my husband, other (her physical appearance) from her Facebook profile photo (yet, it’s a locked account), and others from web searches. I became really good at my own personal investigation.

Her real name begins with a “K” but since that first month of trolling through my mobile phone bill, I figured out you can replace phone #s with names for quick viewing. Her phone number was replaced with EVIL BITCH. It stands out and is easy to spot.

I really don’t think she’s evil, but selfish and deceitful. I can say those things because that is what I was when I had my affair. You are SELFISH and DECEITFUL. Some are other things, too. I’ll reserve my judgement when I meet her.

And, the kicker…amongst all these characteristics, descriptions and opinions…SHE WORKS FOR MY HUSBAND.

Yup, I get to trigger each and every day he goes to work. Each and every time she texts him if she’s late or if he is late, etc. Oh yeah — the fun just keeps happening for the last:

  • 3 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 23 Hours, and 43 Minutes
  • Total Days:117.988194444444
  • Total Weeks:16.8554563492063
  • Total Hours:2831.71666666667
  • Total Minutes:169903
  • Total Seconds:10194180

(I found a great website to obsess with that calculates between dates):

My husband said he’d find a new job, but he loves his job and he’s 50 years old and frankly, economic times are tough for a 50-year-old to find another (this is my inner dialog, not that I really agree with it).

I am not holding my breath. Actually, I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. Perhaps I’ll have a STI? Perhaps she’ll want to get back together with him? Perhaps he will?

I just don’t know. I just don’t know when something bad will happen (who does, I realize this…), but waiting for the next kick in the teeth is not fun. It’s hell.

Have any of your spouses worked with/for/above the OW or OM? What did you do, say? How did you cope? HELP!

11 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. My husband and the whore work for the same company. She used to work for my husband, while they were screwing, but after rumors at work she was moved to another department early last year. She works on the same floor as my husband and apparently has to walk passed his door to get to the bathroom. They attend some meetings together altho I don’t think they have had a n=meeting with just the two of them since I discovered the affair. They have also attended conferences together in the past (and one since D Day) and have travelled together for business – it was whilst they were traveling that they screwed each other.

    I hate that they work in the same building, on the same floor and that he has to see her. It KILLS me. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can say or you can do, to make it any better. Unfortunately, it is what it is! I have asked my husband to tell me when he has any interaction with her, altho I usually ask him.

    I’d love for my husband to get a different job but at the moment that’s pretty unlikely. In the meantime I have to spend my days hoping he is being honest when he tells me it’s over and that they do not have any contact other than what is absolutely necessary for work.

    Good luck!

    PS If you find something that works, please share 🙂

    • They shit where they ate! Such f’ing idiots!!!!

      I’m SO on the cusp of contacting her and telling her that she should find a new job before her husband finds out!

      I dream of that scenario, actually!

      Some day…

      Good luck to you, too — and if there is a perfect solution, I’ll let you know 😉

  2. My H had classes w one, later ended up that the types of jobs they had put them in each others paths daily, and one other woman as well. The rest he worked with, in the same building(s) and another he met while on a business trip. I had no worries at the time because he was working or at home with me, or so I thought. I didn’t see him as having any real time for it. I was wrong, big time. Mostly they were doing it AT work, during their working schedules.

      • Oh I knew many yes, but I only reLly had suspicions of the one on occasion, but he didnt talk about her but every few years and it would be a few days of it and then nothing again. Till he finally said he’d keep the friednship with her open with me, then I only heard of or saw her at Christmas. Occasionally he’d mention her and her husband having problems that he was an ass and whatnot, then nothing again, so I pushedany fears I had aside, she was married he wouldn’t get in the middle of that…right?? Ugh! There’s even more too that I still haven’t said about in my blog, I haven’t gotten that far yet…just crazy.

      • Amazing how a person can disconnect from what’s right and live in the selfish moment and operate in the “wrong.”

        I’m no saint and based on my past, I really am remorseful for the wife of the man I had an affair with. I guess what goes around, comes around and I got mine — right between the eyes. God is funny like that…the ultimate life lesson!

        I’m so sorry for your pain but, also grateful for your support and your blog. Be well 🙂

    • Thanks. Sorry to hear about your struggles, too. My perspective does add a different dimension to my current issue. I will say that it helps me temper my responses to his behavior but I also struggle with what I’m feeling now. The betrayal and deep pain is massive. Yet, I did that to him. He has forgiven me. And it helps him know the phases I’m going through, too. Tit for Tat. But, it still sucks 😦

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